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Langos for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper @ Budapest4 – Taste Budapest – Fat Boy Foodies Walk Official Website

Langos for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper @ Budapest4

Pick up a “Lángos” in between heading on to explore Budapest!

One of the most popular tourist hot spots to a delishly lángos in the city is at the Retro Lángos Büffet

District, V., Arany János – next to the Metro Station

Most probably many will raise 1, 2, 3 questions:

Q.: “What is a Langos?  A.: It is a deep-fried flat bread made into a round, flat shape. The name comes from “láng”, the Hungarian word for flame/fire. The modern lángos, despite its name, is deep fried and not done in open flame.

Q.:”Since when do we eat Langos?” A.: It is likely to be counted as old as baking time of the bread.

Q.:  Where whence origin? A.: According to some assumptions the langos came into Hungarian cuisine during the Turkish occupation, others claim to be of ancient Roman origin.

The lángos were baked in the furnace. After rising of bread a piece was cut out and hand extended and tossed on the coals. This deep-fried flat bread was traditionally baked at home and used as a quick and filling meal for farm workers. So that on the days when the new bread was made, the bread lángos was eaten along at breakfast, with sour cream, jam or powdered sugar.

As with baking habits changed, so did the frying of the langos. Today can find it at street vendors across the City. Langos is becoming an international sensation, the traditional practices are being replaced by innovation and new techniques and so forth the baking habits. The scone was first baked in a fat and oil. Today only oil is in use.

At the Retro Lángos Büffet it is “Your choice – Heads-up” and choose from the countless langos types. The assortments also written in English language. The place is a kind of a street food venue, yet there are a few tables with chairs and if you are lucky enough there will be room to enjoy the majestic lángos. For foodie lovers  worth to stop and taste not only the classic salt and typical garlic sauce version, but with ham-cheese-sour cream/cheese-sour cream, onion and/or bacon, or with dill-cottage cheese/smoked pork/chicken, spicy and all sorts of fillings for tourist simply will not be able to choose from “fortified” with sausage, bacon several toppings, but also the specialties: the stuffed lángos with your choice of fillings.  Despite its dense appearance, the lángos is light, with a pillowy texture on the outside and a crispy golden crunch in the middle.

By-the-way, keep in mind, if you wish to bake your own langos back home, focus on the flour, and as much of a great significance for the fresh yeast as well. The supply of the tows is very wide. It takes two to try topping with garlic (garlic is a smelly super food enriched with Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and also known for natural health care for centuries, so need not give up, go for it.

Prepare your own Langos step-by-step:

Without yeast: Wash the potatoes thoroughly and cook in their shells. Peel and still warm through the potato press. Wait for it to cool, then knead with eggs, flour and salt. If it is too sticky or not stretchable, add more flour. Transfer the dough to a floured board and roll it out to about one and a half inches thick, then whisk in medium sized discs. Boil the oil, then pull the dough with your hand and fry both sides of the flame until golden. When done, remove it on a paper towel and drain off the oil.

Ingredients for 8 pieces: 50 dkg potatoes, 5 tablespoons flour, 2 pieces eggs,1 teaspoons salt. Preparation time: 30 minutes Preparation time: 30 minutes.

With yeast:
Let rinse the yeast in 2 dl of lukewarm sugary milk, mix 10 dkg of flour and to make yeast. Peal the cooked potatoes are passed through a sieve and mixed with the remaining flour. Add the yeast and the remaining milk, a little salt. Knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. Leave dough at a warm place cover it wait to rise to the size of the original dough as three times bigger. Stretch it a fingertip thick, tear it down with a glass and stretch the circles well by hand. Fry in plenty of hot oil.

Ingredients: Approx. 4 pieces:  50 dkg of flour, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 dl milk, 3 dkg of fresh yeast and 20 dkg cooked potatoes, the potatoes are flamed. Baking 5 dl sunflower oil. Preparation time: 20 minutes.

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