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Countless Goulash at the Jewish Quarter – must taste it! – Taste Budapest – Fat Boy Foodies Walk Official Website

Countless Goulash at the Jewish Quarter – must taste it!

Venue: Gulyás Tunkoló Büfé (District, VII., 35.  Kazinczy Street – Budapest)

Whether you are good at eating and exploring you have arrived to the right city… Budapest the Capital of Hungary. Mind you there is more to Hungarian cuisine than just Goulash and/or Paprika!

Goulash Dunk Buffet (Gulyás Tunkoló Büfé) Ready for the Hungarian Stew and Bread?  The place is located in the heart of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter and just a 5 minutes stagger from Szimpla Kert –  Goulash Dunk Buffet is all about late-night sustenance. Various meats such as: goose porridge, wild boar stew, deer stew, beef stew, chicken was stew, porcini mushroom stew, sturgeon tripe equal to home cooked goulash.The top-of-the-top is the beef version and the goose stew simply mouthwatering flavor. Definitely a must to try special that is all too rare these days. Not just the aroma of the bread goes perfectly with the traditional Hungarian Goulash soup, but the taste will be surely remembered faraway leaving Budapest. Be aware the stew can be damn hot with a sprinkle of Hungarian hot paprika. The bread  has no additives and is delivered day-by-day fresh from the furnace from the local bakery. Beside the stew and bread on the spot can be tasted a very exciting soup: chickpeas with sweet potatoes (Batata). There is also vegan food every day. Pest mood and flavors at the highest standards. The place  skips the fancy outlook, but for around ten hungry folks it is an awesome place to  have a bite of Hungarian flavors.

You’ll be very pleased to learn that Budapest has a number of Michelin starred restaurants that won’t cost you a second mortgage. There are  also plenty of cheap restaurants in Budapest, but in this case cheap definitely does not mean poor quality. This time recommend a cosy home cooked restaurant that is actually named Buffet, but the flavors are really mouthwatering. On the contrary, have an early lunch whilst strolling  around the sights of  Budapest.

The place is open Monday to Friday from Noon to Midnight … Friday/Saturday from Noon till 2 a.m. … on Sunday Noon to Midnight.

Will not leave without not giving a treat to make your own Goulash Soup when you arrive back home to not just speak about the superb Goulash flavor, but to cook for invited friends the Hungarian Goulash Soup…

The recipes for portion per person: 3-4 dl., (1 ¼  – 1 ¾  cups) suitable for 2-3 course meal. If the soup is used as a main course the quantities should be increased accordingly.Whenever possible use stock instead of water int he preparation of vegetable gravy, source and soup. It gives a superior flavor. To prepare the stock use veal or beef bones, wash them well, cover them with cold water in a large pot and slowly simmer for 2 hours, then add the vegetable and spices as wish. In the absence of stock bouillon cubes may be used. These will be the following ingredient: 360 g (2 ½ cups) cubed beef, 80 g (5 tbs) lard, 150 g (7/8 cup) onion, 15 g (1 tbs) paprika, salt, garlic, caraway seeds, 800 g (1 ¾ lb) potato, 140 g (1 cup) green pepper, 60 g (1 small) fresh tomato, 6 portions of soup pasta called „csipetke”. Once you taste it you will always have the eager to have more-and-more!  Soup Pasta – Csipetke (the Hungarian word means „pinched pieces) … 81 g (3/4 cup) flour, 1 egg, salt. Prepare a stiff dough from the flour and egg (no water is needed). On a floured board roll it out. Then with floured fingers pinch small fingernail size bits out of it adding the bits to the boiling soup and stir. The pasta will be well cooked when it comes up to the surface of the soup. It may take after boiling together around 2-3 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!Aggie Reiter

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